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PUB Updates

---In Review/Revision:---

3.     Xue, L., Moucha, R., Kolawole, F., Muirhead, J. D., Scholz, C. A. The influence of the strength of pre-existing crustal-scale weak zones on rift geometry and strain localization. Submitted to Tectonophysics. Submitted to Tectonophysics.

2.     *Ajala, R., Kolawole, F., Menke, B. Blind magmatism abets nonvolcanic continental rifting. Revised, resubmitted at Communications, Earth & Environment.

1.     Kolawole, F., *Ajala, R. Crustal softening at propagating rift tips, East Africa. Revised, In review at EGU-Solid Earth. ESSoAr preprint: 10.22541/essoar.168869169.98437293/v2

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