• June 2021 Rift2Ridge Margins Virtual Meeting

  • Sept. 2021 NABG 2021 Annual Conference

  • Oct. 2021 GSA 2021 Annual Meeting

  • Dec. 2021 AGU Fall Meeting

Invited Talks: 


  • December 2021  -   AGU Annual Meeting, Session T001: Advances in our understanding of magma-poor and magma-rich rifting processesTalk Title: TBD

  • October 2021  -   GSA Annual Meeting, Session T46: Rifts, Rifted Margins, Backarcs, and Spreading Ridges: Understanding Extensional Processes across Tectonic Settings and Time Scales
    Talk Title: TBD

  • June 2021  -   USGS Earthquake Science Center, Moffett Field, CA
    Waking the Sleeping Giants: Basement-Rooted Deformation and the Injection Induced Seismicity of U.S. Mid Continent

  • June 2021  -   NSF/GeoPRISMS Rift2Ridge Margins meeting
    Key note talk on juvenile continental rifting and rift propagation.

  • May 2021  -   Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)
    Once Broken, Hard to Mend: Structural Inheritance and the Quakes that Shake Our World.

  • Apr. 2021  -   Virginia Tech. (VT)
    Rifts that Never Die: Persistent Growth of the East African Rift System.

  • Mar. 2021 -   University of St. Andrews, U.K.
    Strain Localization and Migration During Magma-Poor and Magmatic-to-Amagmatic Multiphase Rifting.

  • Feb. 2021  -   University of Cambridge, U.K.
    Once Broken, Hard to Mend: Structural Inheritance and the Quakes that Shake Our World.

  • Feb. 2021  -   University of California, Davis (UC Davis)
    Rift Structuration in the Early Stages of Continental Extension: Insights from East Africa.

  • Jan. 2021   -   Utah State University (USU)
    Multiscale Structural Deformation near the Basement-Sedimentary Interface: Insights from Oklahoma.


  • Dec. 2020 -    AGU Fall Meeting, PPEM Session MR028
    Basement Structure, Fluid Migration Pathways, and Mechanisms of Induced Fault Reactivation in U.S. Mid-Continent

  • Nov. 2020 -    GFZ Potsdam
    Multiphase Rift Lengthening and Widening Facilitated by Progressive Structural Inheritance, Shire Rift Zone, East Africa